Nadiiku Healthy Products

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Habbatus Sauda Blend With Turmeric & Black Pepper
Ceylon Cinnamon With Turmeric, Clove, Fennel & Black Pepper
Pure Magnesium Body Spray
Fresh Djamu With Tamarind Juice & Wild Honey
Black Mahogany Rainforest Honey

Increases energy level, relieves aches, allergies, maintains weight, improves cholesterol, respiratory system

Rich in prebiotics, this blend helps improve sugar level, blood pressure gut health. The perfect blend for your Golden Milk, to assist sleep and improve general health

Essential natural mineral for better sleep, cell renewal, calcium absorption, muscle recovery, brain and heart health

Post-meal tonic to help ease indigestion, stabilise sugar levels, flush toxins and naturally boost energy levels

Double the Antioxidants, this slightly bitter Black Honey aids in combating flu and allergies. A natural immunity booster!

Lets you live better

A natural solution, as intended by nature. Shop now.